Although I have included a couple of links earlier, I am devoting a whole page here for links to more dragonfly and damselfly sites that I have found useful and/or interesting.

International Sites (worldwide societies)


Worldwide Dragonfly Association (WDA)

Promoting the study and conservation of dragonflies worldwide - view journals as pdfs

National Sites (usually national societies)

Africa Dragonfly

Database of photographs of African dragonflies

Asia Dragonfly

Database of photographs of Asian dragonflies

British Dragonfly Society

Promoting & encouraging the study and conservation of dragonflies especially in the UK

Societe Francaise d’Odontologie (SFO)

Promoting research into dragonflies, conservation and management of aquatic habitats

Societas Internationalis Odonatologica (SIO)

International Odonatological Foundation - publishes the journal Odonatologica

The International Odonata Reseach Institute (IORI)

Information on Dragonflies and Damselflies - extensive worldwide links

Finnish Dragonfly Society

Promoting research into dragonflies - linking researchers and enthusiasts

Gesellschaft deutschprachiger Odonatologen (GdO)

Promoting the knowledge and conservation of dragonflies and mapping German species

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Libellenstudie (NVL)

Promotes the study & protection of dragons - bringing amateurs & professionals together

Dragonfly Society of the Americas (DSA)

OdonataCentral hosts the website for the DSA - photos and distribution maps

Preliminary checklist and atlas of Armenian dragonflies

Distribution maps for Armenian species

General Interest Sites (usually created by individuals)

Dutch Dragonflies

Excellent photos and videos of the Dutch species

Danish Dragonflies

Lots of photos

Digital Dragonflies

Site with many scanned images of North American species

Faune et Flora des Zones Humide

The Flora and Fauna of Wetlands with a lot about Dragonflies


Good photos of mainly French species

Moulismes Nature

Wildlife around Moulismes and the Brenne with many dragonfly photos

The web-guide to European Dragonfly species

Many photos of European dragonflies and their habitats

Oxygastra, grup d’estudi del odonats de Catalunya

Many photos, videos and maps from Catalonia and beyond

National Biodiversity Network Gateway (NBN Gateway)

UK biological datasets held with distribution maps for wildlife including dragonflies

National Insect Week

The Royal Entomological Society’s celebration of insects - lots of UK events

British & Irish Sites (usually by individuals or local groups)

Bedfordshire Odonata

Information and photos of Bedfordshire species

Backyard Dragons

Wildlife in a very large rural garden - some dragonflies

Cambridgeshire Dragonfly Group

Mainly photos of Cambridgeshire species

Cheshire Dragonflies and Damselflies

Lots of information on Cheshire dragons plus excellent photos

Derbyshire Dragonflies

Lots of information, photos and video (can be slightly difficult to navigate)

DragonflyIreland project

Lots of information on species, distribution and habitats plus excellent photos


Very good personalised information on dragonfly sites and species in SE Wales

Leicestershire & Rutland Dragonfly Group

Well organised site full of information, photos and recording details

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Northamptonshire

Local BDS group with good information and photos on Northants species

Norfolk Dragons

What to see and where to see them in Norfolk

Sussex Dragonfly Group

Local BDS group with plenty of events on offer

Dragonflies of North East Hampshire and Surrey Borders

Information on which species to see at many sites in the area

Dragonflies and Damselflies of North Buckinghamshire

A bit out of date but has details of dragonfly sites in the area

Wimbledon and Putney Commons

General checklists of wildlife including dragonflies

Warwickshire Dragonfly Group

Local BDS Group recording and mapping dragonflies in Warwickshire

Yorkshire branch of the BDS

Local BDS Group - well organised site with information, photos and maps

The Dragonflies of Montgomeryshire

Information on local sites and species, photos, recording and maps

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