British Dragonflies - on the DVD Notes

The list opposite follows the constraints and format of the British Dragonfly Society checklist as revised 24.10.2014.

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For the purposes of the DVD I have amended the order so that species which are similar in appearance will be grouped together.

This means that family groupings remain - for example all the Darters are grouped together. However, the ‘red’ darters (including the vagrants and potential visitor) come before the darker bodied darters. They are also re-ordered so that more familiar species come first.

I would strongly recommend buying the Damselfly DVD with the extended introduction for information on anatomy and life cycle etc.

Graham Sherwin

British Dragonflies starts with an Introduction:

About this DVD and the Graphics

Running Time: 6 minutes approx.

Then the rediscovered Dainty Damselfly is illustrated and the following dragonflies are described:

Resident and/or migrant species recorded since 1970:

Southern Migrant Hawker

Azure Hawker

Southern Hawker

Brown Hawker

Common Hawker

Migrant Hawker

Norfolk Hawker

Emperor Dragonfly

Lesser Emperor

Hairy Dragonfly

Common Clubtail

Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Downy Emerald

Northern Emerald

Brilliant Emerald

White-faced Darter

Broad-bodied Chaser

Scarce Chaser

Four-spotted Chaser

Black-tailed Skimmer

Keeled Skimmer

Black Darter

Yellow-winged Darter

Red-veined Darter

Ruddy Darter

Common Darter

(includes ‘Highland’ Darter)


Green Darner

Scarlet Darter

Banded Darter

Vagrant Darter

Potential Visitors:

Orange-spotted Emerald

(was a resident)

Southern Skimmer

Southern Darter

Running Time: 160 minutes approx.

Total Running Time: 166 minutes approx. (2 hours 46 minutes)

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