British Dragonflies Video Examples

To preview some footage of the DVD go to the British Damselflies page.

Please bear in mind that the Dragonfly examples represent ‘work in progress’ and have been revised slightly on the finished DVD.

I would like to thank the following who offered me a good choice of site options for my last few Dragonflies: Dave Chelmick, Jean-Francois Delasalle, Cyrille Deliry, KDB Dijkstra, Gillaume Doucet, Jean-Michel Faton, Nick Ransdale, Yann Sellier, Dave Smallshire, Vincent Ternois and Cedric Vanappelghem.

Special thanks to my wife and daughter, Sue and Beth, for putting up with a “Dragonfly anorak” for the last nine years - and to Dave Smallshire (Convenor of the Dragonfly Conservation Group for the British Dragonfly Society) for casting an experienced eye over the nearly finished Dragonfly edits.

British Dragonflies

The DVD starts with an Introduction offering tips on how to us it updated from the Damselflies volume. It continues with a short description of the Dainty Damselfly found breeding again in Britain after the Damselfly DVD had been released. Descriptions of the Dragonflies follow.

A short film on each species is divided into four parts, in the same style as the companion DVD including:

Habitat views are included along with graphics showing distribution and flight seasons. Similar dragonfly species are compared and if you need a longer look at a specific view hit the ‘pause’ button. In addition, all the species in some family groups (eg. Chasers and Skimmers) are compared side by side.

The running time for the Introduction is approximately 6 minutes and the running time for the Dragonfly Species Films is approximately 160 minutes (2 hours 40 minutes). ALL 26 of the resident and/or migrant British species are described plus some of the vagrants and one extinct species.

Together with the Damselflies DVD, ALL the resident and/or migrant species of dragonflies and damselflies are covered along with the more frequent vagrants and some potential visitors. With only about 60 species in total, learning their IDs is a far less daunting task than it is with the hundreds of bird species to be seen.

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